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Offering great availability and flexibility with over 14 years of experience, you can count on us for your next inspection need.

We provide an inspection service with attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction.

With Planibâtimat, you are assured of courteous, reliable and quality service. We put the needs and trust of our customers first. 

Committed to providing accurate information and detailed reporting, we rigorously apply the high standards of the industry.

Our professional inspectors have the training and skills that are essential to conduct an inspection in accordance with the standard of practice and code of ethics.

We have developed a solid expertise in building inspection, with thousands of different areas of expertise. Thus, Planibâtimat carries out works on behalf of more than 600 clients each year.


 “Thank you very much for this report, which I have just examined in detail. It helps me to inform my choice. This is a very detailed and well-constructed report. Given the excellent service I had and the asking price, you can be sure that I will recommend your name to anyone looking for experts.    “L.S.” 

 “Following your email regarding the final report, I would like to express my great satisfaction and I warmly thank you for your advice and your excellent work that you have done at the end> of the <day.”

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