Managing your projects

Managing your projects

Managing your projects

Managing your projects

Managing your projects

Managing your projects

Successful management of your real estate projects with Planibâtimat

At Planibâtimat, we understand the importance of effective real estate project management to carry out your initiatives. Whether you’re planning a major renovation, new construction or any other major project, our team of project management experts is here to support you every step of the way.

Our approach is to provide professional project management services tailored to your specific needs. We start by understanding your goals, constraints and requirements, in order to create a tailor-made plan for the completion of your project.

We work closely with you, with a focus on planning, coordination, and oversight to ensure flawless execution.

Project management best practices, for all projects

Our project management experts are highly trained and experienced in managing projects of all sizes and complexities. We use proven methodologies and industry best practices to ensure the highest on-time, on-budget and quality standards are met.


As a trusted partner, we take responsibility for coordinating all stakeholders involved in your project, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We ensure that all stages of the project are followed diligently, ensuring transparent communication and quickly resolving any issues that may arise.


Our customer-centric approach means we listen to your needs and concerns throughout the process. We are committed to providing a first-class project management service, ensuring that your project is delivered successfully, on time and on budget.


Entrust your project to Planibâtimat to benefit from expert and reliable project management. Contact us now to discuss your needs and start planning for the successful completion of your initiative. With Planibâtimat, you can have peace of mind that your project will be in good hands.

  1. Needs & Goals Assessment : We start with a thorough assessment of your specific needs and goals to understand the project requirements.
  2. Project Planning : Based on the needs assessment, we develop a detailed plan for the project, including milestones, resources needed, timelines, and budget.
  3. Defining Tasks and Assigning Responsibilities : We identify the specific tasks needed to complete the project and assign responsibilities to each team member.
  4. Stakeholder coordination : We ensure clear and regular communication between all project stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.
  5. Monitoring and control : We closely monitor the progress of the project, ensuring that tasks are completed according to plan. We also implement quality control measures to ensure compliance with established standards.
  6. Risk Management: We identify and assess potential risks throughout the project, putting in place appropriate mitigation measures to minimize adverse impacts.
  7. Troubleshooting: If any issues or obstacles arise during the project, our team reacts quickly to resolve them efficiently and minimize delays or impacts on the project.
  8. Performance monitoring : We regularly evaluate the performance of the project, analyzing the results against the original objectives and making the necessary adjustments to keep the project on track.
  9. Project Close-Out : Once all tasks have been successfully completed, we proceed with project close-out by conducting a final assessment, obtaining the necessary approvals, and preparing close-out reports.

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Planibâtimat can assist you in various real estate projects such as major renovations, new constructions and other large-scale initiatives.

Planibâtimat starts by understanding your specific goals, constraints, and requirements, and then develops a detailed plan that includes key milestones, resources needed, timelines, and budget.

Planibâtimat takes responsibility for coordinating all stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, ensuring transparent communication and resolving any issues quickly.

Entrusting your project to Planibâtimat guarantees professional management adapted to your specific needs, regular communication, efficient problem solving and successful delivery on time and on budget.