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Commissioning Service

Commissioning of buildings

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Commissioning buildings with Planibatimat is a crucial process to ensure compliance and efficiency of building systems.
Working closely with our clients, we strive to align design vision with operational performance.
Through commissioning, we help reduce operational costs, improve energy efficiency and extend the life of buildings and their systems.
Our experts have extensive experience in all aspects of designing, programming, installing, using, and maintaining the systems we serve.
They bring this expertise directly to our clients’ projects, ensuring optimal and sustainable results.

The Commissioning Process with Planibatimat

Design Verification and Compliance

Design verification is an essential step in the commissioning process.
Our experts review plans and specifications to ensure they meet standards and regulatory requirements.
This verification ensures that the buildings comply with quality and safety standards.

System Testing & Validation

System testing and validation are performed to ensure that all components are functioning properly and efficiently.
This includes performance testing to ensure systems operate according to specifications and expectations.
These checks ensure optimal use of buildings and help extend their service life.

System testing and validation is performed by our experienced experts, who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate results.
These tests help identify any potential malfunctions and make adjustments to optimize system performance.
Ultimately, this essential step in the commissioning process helps ensure the quality and efficiency of buildings for their users.

Aligning Design Intent with Operational Performance

Working closely with our clients, we strive to align design objectives with operational performance imperatives.
With our expertise in building commissioning, we help our clients achieve a symbiosis between the initial vision of the building and its optimal functionality.

Cost Reduction and Energy Efficiency Strategies

We offer customized strategies to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency for commissioned buildings.
By identifying opportunities to optimize energy performance, we can help our customers achieve significant long-term savings while reducing their environmental footprint.

The cost reduction and energy efficiency strategies we offer go beyond one-off solutions by integrating holistic and sustainable approaches.
By taking a holistic approach, we ensure that our customers benefit from effective long-term solutions, ensuring that their facilities are managed economically and ecologically.

The expertise of Planibatimat’s professionals

Experience in system design, programming and installation

Planibatimat’s professionals have extensive experience in the design, programming and installation of building-related systems.
Their expertise enables them to ensure efficient and compliant commissioning of the various systems, aligning the design vision with the operational requirements.

Involvement in operation and maintenance for a longer service life

Planibatimat is actively involved in the operation and maintenance of buildings to ensure a long service life and optimal efficiency of the systems.
By working closely with our customers, we ensure that the facilities remain efficient and energy-efficient throughout their operation.

Customized service plans to meet customer needs

Planibatimat offers customized service plans to meet the specific needs of each client.
By working closely with our customers, we develop commissioning strategies tailored to their objectives, constraints and requirements.
Our tailor-made approach ensures better alignment between building design and operational performance, optimizing expected results.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and building performance

To ensure customer satisfaction and building performance, Planibatimat implements rigorous monitoring and evaluation protocols.
Our experts perform in-depth analyses to assess the efficiency of installed systems, ranging from air quality to energy efficiency.
By identifying possible malfunctions and proposing relevant solutions, we help our customers to optimize the operation of their buildings and ensure their long-term sustainability.

Successful commissioning of buildings with


The commissioning of buildings with Planibatimat is an essential process to guarantee the quality of the design and construction of buildings, verifying the compliance and efficiency of their various systems.
Working collaboratively with our clients, we ensure that their design objectives are aligned with operational performance.
Through commissioning, we help them reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency, and extend the life of their buildings and systems.
Our experts have in-depth expertise in all aspects related to commissioning, enabling them to add real value to our clients’ projects.

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Building commissioning at Planibatimat is a key process that ensures that a building’s systems are designed, installed, tested, and operated according to operational requirements and compliance standards. This process is crucial to ensure that buildings operate efficiently from the moment they are inaugurated, reducing operating costs, improving energy efficiency and extending their lifespan.

Planibatimat works closely with its clients to align design intentions with operational performance imperatives. Using deep expertise in design, programming, installation, and maintenance, Planibatimat ensures that every aspect of building systems is optimized to meet performance, efficiency, and compliance expectations.

Planibatimat offers customized strategies to reduce costs and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. By identifying opportunities to optimize energy performance, Planibatimat helps customers achieve significant savings while minimizing their environmental impact. These strategies go beyond one-off solutions and incorporate holistic and sustainable approaches to ensure effective long-term results.