Who are we?

Planibâtimat offers solutions to protect your real estate investments!


Planibâtimat is a consulting engineering firm made up of seasoned experts who assist you in all aspects of managing your real estate assets. 

Whether it’s insurance, contingency fund, health check-up,  assessment, appraisal or consultation, we are here to provide you with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Providing contingency funds, building health checks, anticipating building  problems through thermographic and infiltration inspections are all crucial aspects for effective management. 

Our team conducts accurate studies to determine the true value of your property and ensure a fair distribution of charges. 


Thermography, photogrammetry and infiltration in all their forms, we help you streamline your workloads and work, and evaluate improvements to your private space, ensuring adequate coverage.

With our expertise in project management and building inspections, we offer personalized consulting services. Whether you need help managing legal obligations, optimizing your processes, or solving specific problems, our team is here to provide you with practical and effective solutions.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a full range of services to help you effectively manage your real estate assets. Our services include:

Environmental Site Study Phase 1: Identify the risks of environmental contamination 

Thermography: Accurate detection of heat loss, insulation defects and performance issues as well as water infiltration.

Facade Inspection: In-depth evaluation of facades to detect defects, water infiltration, and potential structural problems.

Project Management: We assist you in the planning and execution of renovation, repair or construction projects in your property.

Investigation of Water and Air Infiltration: Identification and resolution of water and air infiltration problems that can compromise the quality of life and value of your building.

Building Condition Certificate & Commercial Inspection: We provide building condition certificates to assess the overall condition of your building and anticipate repair and maintenance needs.

Photogrammetry: Photogrammetry is a technique that allows precise measurements to be taken and a diagnosis to be made from photographs. 

 “Offering high availability and flexibility with more than 14 years of experience, you can count on us for your next inspection need”  
Karl M., pres.