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Consulting engineering in the maintenance of real estate assets

Planibâtimat is a consulting engineering firm made up of seasoned experts who assist you in all aspects of managing your real estate assets. Whether it’s for insurance, contingency fund, health check, assessment, appraisal or consultation, we are here to provide you with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Providing contingency funds, building health checks, anticipating building problems through thermographic and infiltration inspections are all crucial aspects for effective management. Our team conducts accurate studies to determine the true value of your property and ensure a fair distribution of charges.

Facade Inspection, Building Condition Certification, Building Health Check, Project Management, Environmental Site Studies, Thermography, Photogrammetry, Water Infiltration Investigation, Air Infiltration Investigation: we help you streamline your charges and works, and evaluate the improvements made to your private space, thus ensuring adequate coverage.

With our expertise in project management and building inspections, we offer personalized consulting services. Whether you need help managing legal obligations, optimizing your processes, or solving specific problems, our team is here to provide you with practical and effective solutions.

Our Services

Study of contingency funds Law 16

Certified Experts in Provident Fund Studies – Law 16 Compliance

Maintenance booklet Law 16

Understanding and managing the maintenance logbook according to Bill 16

Register of Private Portions Bill 141

Management of the Register of Improvements to a Unit

Estimating the cost of reconstruction Bill 141

Accurate assessment of the reconstruction of your condominium in accordance with Bill 141

Facade Inspection

Specialized inspection services to detect safety issues, water ingress and other defects

Certificate of Condition of Immovable Property

Thorough inspections to assess the condition of your building, detect potential problems, and provide you with a full certificate

Building Health Check

A complete health check for your buildings, including physical inspection, document evaluation and a detailed report

Project management

Solid expertise for the planning, coordination and successful execution of your projects

Environmental Studies - PHASES 1 AND 2

We help you assess and manage your site’s environmental risks to ensure compliance and safety

Thermographic Inspection

Quality thermographic inspection services to detect insulation issues, air leaks, and other thermal anomalies

Water infiltration investigation

Preventing structural damage and preserving water quality

Air infiltration investigation

Improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality

A Brief Overview of Bill 16


The contingency fund is a financial entity dedicated specifically to the costs incurred by major works and the replacement of common areas of a building, in contrast to regular maintenance. It is not intended to cover expenses related to daily maintenance.

Instead, it is designed to anticipate the long-term financing of the substantial work needed in shared spaces, allowing these significant costs to be spread over an extended period of time.

The contingency fund review mandate includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the co-ownership documents and identification of the common areas;
  • Visual inspection of the premises – assesses the state of wear and tear of components, identification of immediate work to be completed and costs;
  • Analysis of the contingency fund and development of a schedule detailing major repairs and replacements to be made for the next 25 years;
  • Analysis of the state of the contingency fund and proposal of two scenarios for the contribution of the co-owners 


  • A visual inspection of the common areas of the building.
  • An expert report in accordance with the new law, used to assess the condition of the assets and to establish intervention strategies aimed at developing an asset maintenance plan that is used to determine the appropriate amounts to be paid into the contingency fund. This plan covers a period of 25 years.
  • A maintenance schedule that includes  an inventory of the building’s components (common areas only) that indicates the operations carried out or to be carried out with regard to their maintenance or replacement.


  NEW BILL 16:

Did you know that since December 2019, Bill 16 requires syndicates of co-ownership to conduct a contingency fund study?


Planibâtimat is able to help you. Our certified technologists offer the contingency fund study service recognized by the new Bill 16.

Here is an excerpt from the RGCQ website about Bill 16.

  • … All trade unions, without exception, will have to   Establish a contingency fund study and update it every five years. The study may only be conducted by a member of a professional order designated by government regulation.
  • For the maintenance logbook, it is stated that “the board of directors shall have a building maintenance logbook drawn up, which describes in particular the maintenance carried out and to be carried out. He holds this      up-to-date notebook and has it reviewed periodically. The form, content and procedures for keeping and revising the maintenance logbook, as well as the persons who may draw it up and revise it, shall be determined by regulation of the Government” (article 1070.2 C.C.Q.).

*Excerpt from the RGCQ website